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The advantages

Benefits of using microfiber

Microfiber is a revolution in the world of cleaning. Crixus offers a wide range of microfiber products for all your hygiene needs. Microfiber is composed of polyester and polyamide, a combination that makes microfiber products so efficient.


Standard weave is defined by a uniform texture across the towel.


Waffle weave microfiber towel resembles the surface of a waffle.


Chenile can be characterized by thick bundles of microfiber fingers which stick through a base layer of fabric.


Foam core are microfiber pads filled with foam, ideal to be used for car waxing and polishing.

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Importance of Microfiber to Society

Most microfiber these days is made up of plastic bottles. These bottles are processed into yarns which are later made into fabrics.

It is eco-friendly and has multiple advantages.

  • Saves Trees: Paper towels results in deforestation
  • Saves Water: 20,000 ltrs of water is used to make 1 cotton t-shirt
  • Less Cleaning Chemical: Cleans great with just water
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How is microfiber made

Microfiber towel is made up of polyester and polyamide.

These towels are not only durable and strong but soft and lint free. It can be used in almost any surface and also holds up to 8 times their weight in liquid.

Microfiber making process

  1. Yarn Extrusion
  2. Testing The Yarn
  3. Converting POY into FDY
  4. Converting POY into DTY
  5. Spooling
  6. Weaving
  7. Quality Check
  8. Splitting
  9. Dying and Tensioning
  10. Cutting and Sewing
  11. Final Inspection
  12. Packaging

Microfiber Products Featured Items


Microfiber cloth is a multipurpose, cleaning product with anti-bacterial properties.


A wide range of microfiber cleaning accessories offers you a convenient and hygienic lifestyle.


Microfiber towel for kids is specially designed to suit their sensitive skin without causing irritation or rashes.


Microfiber towel for pets are super absorbent and plush so your pets get a cozy and warm feeling instantly.


Made with waffle knit technology, waffle weave towels are ideal for sensitive surfaces like glass.


Seude towel absorbs sweat and moisture quickly and hence is suitable for outdoor activities.


Microfiber sponge is specially designed to be non abrassive and can absorb dirt and grease efficiently.


Car cleaning kit comes with all necessary car cleaning products for a professional level of clean

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber composed of polyester and polyamide. The threads in a microfiber cloth are finer than one denier, which is finer than a hair strand.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for grams per square meter. Microfiber cloth comes in a wide range of GSM ranging from 200GSM to 800GSM. The microfiber cloth with higher GSM is heavier and more absorbent compared to lower GSM.

Why should I switch to microfiber cloth?

Microfiber cloths are an environmentally smarter choice. Microfiber cloths are made from recycled plastic bottles and microfiber itself is 100% recyclable and long-lasting.

Is microfiber better than cotton?

Microfiber absorbs dirt and dust rather than just moving it around the surface, hence giving a streak-free clean, unlike cotton.    

Is microfiber more expensive?

Microfiber is not expensive and is actually cost-effective in the long run as it lasts much longer than cotton cloth. Cleaning with a microfiber cloth does not necessarily require heavy chemical-based cleansers.

How to wash a microfiber cloth?

Microfiber should be washed separately after use, without using any fabric softener and bleach.