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Car Cleaning Towel Discover More Crixus is a leading manufacturer of microfiber products. Explore the wide range of car cleaning towel.
Crixus car cleaning cloth 280GSM

Car Cleaning Towel

Car Cleaning Towel 40x30cm 280GSM

We are a leading manufacturer of premium quality microfiber car cleaning products, trusted by consumers PAN India.



Easy To Clean


Colors Available:

Easy to Customize

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Premium Quality

Crixus car cleaning towel is a premium quality microfiber product trusted by professionals.


Microfiber cloths are much durable compared to the conventional cloth and hence are economically feasible in the long run.

Lint Free Clean

The ultra-plush material does not allow lint and other foreign materials to accumulate while cleaning giving you lint free clean.

Crixus car cleaning towel 280GSM
Best Cleaning Experience

Microfiber car cleaning towel gives a lint free and streak free clean. Microfiber cloth can give you an anti-bacterial clean with just water.

Quick Absorption

The ultra fine threads of the microfiber towel can absorb water and moisture much faster than the conventional cotton cloth.

Scratch Resistant

Microfiber cloth protects your car from any potential scratching of paint or coating. Microfiber is non-abrasive and hence protects your car.

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Crixus has a wide range of premium quality microfiber products to choose from. Microfiber is a revolutionary product in the world of cleanliness and hygiene. Crixus products are available to customers PAN India.

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