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Car Cleaning Towel

Microfiber cleaning cloths provide excellent lint-free cleaning for any surface. Ideal for car cleaning -windshield, side mirrors, dashboard, chrome, glass and alloys. Ultra-fine densely bundled microscopic fibers form a cleaning surface 40 times greater than regular cotton fiber to remove substantially more dust, dirt and bacteria than conventional cleaning products. Towels trap dirt and dust and can be laundered extensively, but not with fabric softener. No chemicals are required for cleaning with microfiber towels.

Microfiber car cleaning towel provides the perfect sheen
and shine

Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning Towel Size 40x30cm
Microfiber car cleaning towel available in size 40x30cm

Car Cleaning Towel Size 40x40cm
Microfiber car cleaning towel available in size 40x40cm

Car Cleaning Towel Size 40x60cm
Microfiber car cleaning towel available in size 40x60cm

Car Cleaning Towel Size 70x140cm
Microfiber car cleaning towel available in size 70x140cm

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Explore a wide range of premium quality microfiber products

Premium Cleaning Products

A microfiber cleaning towel is the safest and most efficient way to clean your car. Microfiber towels are trusted by the professionals themselves when it comes to giving your car the perfect sheen and shine. Give your car the professional level of clean with just one wipe as the super absorbent quality gives a streak free and lint free clean. Our car cleaning towels are specially designed to be ultra-plush and non-abrasive with a high absorption rate. The cloth can be used for wet as well dry cleaning.

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