Cleaning Accessories Discover More microfiber cleaning accessories We are leading manufacturer of microfiber cleaning products. Explore the wide range of Crixus cleaning accessories.

Cleaning Accessories

Crixus offers a wide range of cleaning accessories for all your needs. Our wide range of cleaning accessories includes fan and ceiling duster, floor mop, sponge, and pads. Microfiber cleaning accessories are super absorbent and lint-free hence making your cleaning chores effortless.

We are the leading manufacturer of premium quality
microfiber cleaning accessories, trusted by consumers PAN India.

Cleaning Accessories

Crixus microfiber cleaning mop

Cleaning Mops
Microfiber mop has a super absorbent quality which makes the cleaning chores convenient.

Crixus microfiber cleaning pads

Cleaning Pads
Microfiber pads are an ideal product for car waxing, polishing, drying, and cleaning.

Crixius microfiber cleaning sponge

Cleaning Sponge
Crixus microfiber sponge is a multi-purpose cleaning product ideal for wet and dry cleaning.

Crixus microfiber cleaning duster

Cleaning Duster
Crixus cleaning duster is ideal for dusting all the hard to reach nook and corners.

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Explore a wide range of premium quality microfiber products

Premium Cleaning Accessories

Crixus microfiber products are manufactured from quality assured microfiber. The wide range of microfiber accessories includes cleaning duster, cleaning sponge, floor mops, gloves, and clear pole. The accessories are specially curated to make all the cleaning chores effortless and effective. Microfiber is known for its super absorbent and can even wipe off germs and viruses from the surfaces without necessarily employing any harmful chemical based cleansers.

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