microfiber towel Microfiber Towel Discover More microfiber towels We are leading manufacturer of microfiber products incuding towels and cleaning accessories. Explore the wide range of Crixus microfiber towels.

Microfiber Towel

Crixus offers a wide range of premium quality microfiber towels for personal use. The towels include baby towel, bath towel, kitchen towel, pet towel, gym towel, face towel, etc. 

We are the leading manufacturer of premium quality
microfiber towel, trusted by consumers PAN India.

Microfiber Towel

Crixus microfiber bath towel

Bath Towel
Microfiber bath towel absorbs water and moisture quickly and has anti-bacterial properties.

Crixus microfiber beach towel

Beach Towel
Crixus beach towel is ultra-absorbent and can absorb sweat and moisture faster than a conventional towel.

Crixus microfiber baby towel

Baby Towel
Crixus baby towel is specially designed to be ultra-plush to suit the sensitive skin of babies.

Crixus microfiber gym towel

Gym Towel
Crixus gym towel is ultra-absorbent and can soak all the moisture quickly and hence is ideal for athletic activities

Crixus microfiber kitchen towel

Kitchen Cloth
Crixus kitchen towel has super absorbent quality making it ideal for greasy spills in the kitchen.

Crixus microfiber pet towel

Pet Towel
Crixius pet towel is ultra-plush and has a super absorbent quality which makes your pets feel cozy instantly.

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Explore a wide range of premium quality microfiber products

Premium Cleaning Products

Crixus microfiber towels are the plushest and absorbent towels which makes them ideal for personal use. Our wide range of microfiber towels include pet towels, bath towels, beach towel, baby towel, gym towel, kitchen towel and face towel. Explore more to find the microfiber towel for your choice and need.

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